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Are you free tonight? The new answer

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Answer as of June 1, 2010: Please launch Evolution and do a Free/Busy search on my Exchange MAPI Calendar.

That’s right. The first version of FreeBusy search for Evolution MAPI was merged into master on June 1st. Evolution now shows all the Busy, Tentative, and Out of Office times for the user. I have fixed the openchangeclient to fetch even the half hour appointments.

So what does not work as of now?
When you ask someone out for the first time, you don’t ask, “Are you free tonight, the next Thursday and the one after that”. Long story short, the search on recurring items does not work as yet with MAPI. That would be fixed next in openchange.

We have some great things planned, so you should hear more cool updates on Evolution MAPI in the weeks to follow. And our bug killing mean machine, Milan Crha is on the prowl. We are down from 108 bug reports to 64 in 2 weeks. So keep watching this space.


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June 23, 2010 at 2:21 pm

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