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Follow your heart guys

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Well, are the times changing or are kids still under stress to do well in studies? Strive for that one extra mark that’ll help them top the results. Are parents still uncomfortable to tell their neighbors proudly that their kid ain’t an engineer or a doctor, but a talented dancer, a talented musician or a talented photographer?? Or maybe more. Maybe they still feel uncomfortable when kids come second in college. When I still read news like these –> I have to nod in approval that it would still take a generation to change it all.

This to be frank would be the case with most of us. There is nothing wrong with the parents having expectations from their kid. I am not asking anyone to rebel against that. Hell No. But do understand that for them success means money, position in life, a good career which the society would respect and to them they just hear to what “the society” would say to it. The society has defined a set of professions as respectable, and another set of professions a risk in life. Now we all are part of this society and we could be the change we want to see done. Educate the parents, help them trust your decisions.

This blogpost is dedicated to some of the people I know in my life, who have chosen the life they wanted. These people do best what they know best. They have each excelled in their own fields, been the rockstars in their life, and they have gone a step ahead by not just stopping there, but helping everyone with similar interests and spreading the wave of knowledge.

First of them undoubtedly has to be my classmate and gifted musicians, Jason Zachariah Maybe not my closest buddy in college, but I was always a huge fan πŸ™‚ Everyone at college knew what this guy was best at. He is one of the best keyboard players I have seen, and he has always rocked with his performances each time he was on stage. Today he is one of the few certified Pro Tools operators in the country and the chief coordinator at the Nathaniel School of Music This for me is his biggest win. Not only has he reached the peak of his music career, but now his hunger for it has made him develop more Jasons in this world. Read all the testimonials of the students at the School of Music and you’ll know what I meant to convey πŸ™‚

Next on my list is the amazing Kalyan Verma. If you haven’t seen the pictures he has clicked with his third eye, you definitely are missing something totally out of this world. Don’t waste a minute more guys. Here is where you start —> He worked for a few years with Yahoo, before he set out to follow his heart. He published his “Masai Mara” album this morning (Widely considered to be the greatest wildlife area in the world) The whole world was left dumbfounded at the amazing awesomeness. Within minutes of him publishing his album , he was one of the trending topics in twitter πŸ™‚ And just like Jason, he’s set out to create a world of equals and make more Kalyans πŸ™‚ Some of the workshops that could get you started —>

The next one is just a personal favorite. His talk at on ROS was one of the best. To all those to whom developing OS for robots sounded scary and a myth, here it is demystified and simplied. Made so easy for people to actually contribute to robotics, ROS for me bridges the mental block on how to start and where to begin. Well the rest is for all of you interested souls to read πŸ™‚ The guy is Mrinal Kalakrishnan, the drummer for Phenom, the legendary PES college band πŸ™‚

Well to sum it all up, follow your heart, never be shy to take up a career of your choice. That’ll atleast stop you from regretting later that you could have done much more in life than you actually did. And never be bogged down in life with where you start. Jason who followed a dedicated line of musicians in the family is successful, and so is Kalyan who was the first πŸ™‚ So life is to enjoy. Go have fun with it


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